20 Different Window Treatment Ideas You Can Follow

Windows make or break any space. However, the importance of window treatments is often neglected and overlooked by many. Truly, window covers can be decorative, functional, and strikes a balance between both, depending on the space and amount of light that space receives. Whether it is a full drape, simply covering, classic curtain, shutters, or roman shades, we have all the window treatment ideas that are sure to enhance and offer a better view of your home. Although typical window covers can work for any window size or design, the most unique treatments are sure to captivate. Designs that utilize common materials in a very unexpected manner can make a great impact on the overall appeal and look of any room. Regardless of whether you are designing your window for privacy, or pure embellishment, you can consider these ideas. You may be surprised at what you can do! Window Treatment Ideas – Rooms  Great windows are important for any home, they add character and provide the needed all-natural lighting effect. Without the right window treatment, any room or space can appear bland and incomplete. The Living Room   In the living room, we often entertain our guests, we want to add a window treatment here because we have big pieces of furniture we want to be protected here from the harsh sunlight. You can choose solar or cellular shades as a perfect shield from direct sunlight. You can add roman shades on your stark bay windows. Over tall windows, you can find a shade and then overlay the same with long drapes to give reach and a more polished look. You can throw in some valance for a complete look. For your living room, you can add bold colors and designs, you can always design it in such a way that … Read more

10 Laundry Room Ideas:

Here Are Things To Consider To Make Your Laundry Fast & Efficient Your laundry room is an important but often overlooked part of your home. One can make the task of doing the laundry fast and efficient with a properly designed laundry room. Remember that a well-designed laundry room can make tedious and menial chores fun and enjoyable. To help you get started, here are some basic laundry room ideas and practical tips for you. 1.Check Out How Much Space You Have The design process of your laundry room can entails a two-fold process. First, is to decide how much space you’d wish to use for the laundry room. Second is where you want to have it situated in your home. The approach is very similar for both situations. Make use of your creativity and imagination for laundry room ideas, to tweak and fine-tune the whole process. Subscribe to design magazines to pick up new ideas for your project.   2. Map Out Where You Want to Place Things Starting the process of creating your laundry room can be daunting. You have to plan out where to place your appliances, know the amount of space you need, and in what area of the home it should work best, these are some of the important considerations you have to make. This handy guide will help you design and lay out your laundry room area and incorporate decorating ideas as well. The laundry room is the go-to section of the house for everything laundry. From washing to drying, to ironing, steaming, and more, it is the place designated for it all. You can also use it as a bike storage area, dog room, boot room, appliance room, mudroom and more. If the walls are painted white, you might want to think about … Read more

10 Guest Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms are one of the first things guests notice when they come over for a visit or a sleepover. Not all homes have a guest room with a private bathroom, so it’s most likely that the guest will have to use a common bathroom or a designated guest bath. What can be a little challenging is making this area look comfortable and welcoming, especially since it is usually smaller and rarely used. When expecting adult or even a child bathroom guest, prepare for it in advance by listing down a few ideas to make bathroom decorating easy, inexpensive, but thoroughly effective. Here are 10 smart suggestions that won’t break the bank.   1. Make it look lived in.  Bare walls and floors can make the bathroom look cold and impersonal. Unlike other bathrooms in the house which are used by members of the family, a guest bathroom needs a few personal touches to make it look lived in. Besides adding fresh bath and hand towels, you can also add a hair dryer, some shampoo, scented soaps, and other toiletries. Depending on how many guests are staying, make sure there are enough towels, toothbrushes and toilet paper for everyone to use. 2. Make it inviting.  Look at your personal bathroom and see what elements you can replicate on the guest bath. Do you like having a diffuser? candles? a choice of magazines or books so you can relax and be comfortable while doing your daily ablutions. Every little detail in the decoration of bathroom can help your guest feel more welcome regardless of how long or how short he will be staying.   3. Check the lighting. If the bathroom isn’t used regularly, you may need to check the lighting to see if it still works well. Replace the light bulbs … Read more

How to Choose the Best Paint for Your Bathroom

If the kitchen is referred to as the most populated space in the house, or the place where everyone gathers, the bathroom is the most used private space in every home. While one may share a bathroom with a spouse or sibling, it is ideally used in private.  Time alone in the bathroom is considered true personal time and is when an individual relaxes, decompresses, and is left to be with his thoughts. Besides its functional purpose, bathrooms are also a great space to add your personal touches and preferences. If things are looking monotonous and boring, you can always touch it up with a fresh coat of paint. Painting a bathroom is a good DIY project and does not have to be expensive. If you’re doing a home makeover, you can also start working on the bathroom first and move on to other parts of the house slowly until you’re confident enough to tackle the larger rooms in  the house. If you’re wondering what is the best paint for bathrooms, we’d like to offer some suggestions that can work whatever season and regardless of how small or large your bathrooms are.  Here are some paint colors you can play with. Teal Teal is a vivid and bright color that immediately adds personality to any bathroom. It gives a relaxed and laid back vibe because it is reminiscent of the ocean and the sky. This color is great for modern bathroom designs and work really well for solid-colored backsplashes and tiles pop. You can apply the color on the walls and ceiling and decorate with an aquatic or nautical theme for some fun. Bold Black Black is a dramatic color for bathrooms and it is also very masculine.  When combined with silver fixtures and accents it makes for a very … Read more

10 Rustic Living Room Ideas

Looking for living room ideas? Rustic is the way to go. The rustic theme for home interiors is a classic that will never go out of style–and for good reason! Out of all possible themes and designs, the rustic theme is the coziest, most inviting, and warmest. It’s also elegant yet accessible, stunning yet homey. What more can you ask for in a living room? You’ll love entertaining and kicking back and relaxing in your very own rustic living room. You can achieve this very distinct look using furniture and accessories from many different price points. Only your budget, and your imagination will limit your interior design vision. Whether your space or your budget is big or small, you can have a stunning rustic living room. Just check out Pinterest and other sites where people share photos! You won’t find a shortage of stunning country living room ideas. Rustic design is actually very easy to achieve for your living room, if you adhere to some key principles. Stick to a neutral palette of taupes, browns, white, and creams. Incorporate nature into your interior design by using plants, animal inspired furniture and decor ideas, and designs inspired by the landscape. This includes stone or wood furniture or accessories. You can DIY your rustic decor, scour through estate sales or vintage shops, or check out popular home and living stores. If you’re flirting with the idea of adopting this  gorgeous, traditional look for your living room, we’ve collected 10 rustic living room ideas, country inspired interior design, and that you will love. We included rustic living room ideas you can do yourself or ready made pieces.   1. Mason Jars Easy-peasy and inexpensive, the simple mason jar is usually found in stylish kitchen cupboards and pantries, but this versatile decor that is … Read more

10 Master Bathroom Ideas For 2019

We know you wanted stylish bathtubs, sinks, showers, vanities, and other bathroom amenities. Don’t worry because we got every master bathroom ideas you need. If you want some inspiration on how you can put together a chic, vintage, industrial, or contemporary bathroom, we have designer bathroom ideas. Read along to find out the hottest master bathrooms this 2019: 1. Floating Vanities Who would’ve thought that floating vanities would be a trend this year? Before, this piece of furniture was considered too modern. However, it took some time before designers upgraded to it and altered its style. This is a source of inspiration for white bathrooms. Beautiful wooden floating vanity inside the bathroom will give you that minimal and clean finish. They will make your bathroom look airy which is a nice feeling especially if you are preparing for the day or retreating for the night. Perfect for a minimalist black and white bathroom. It is a clean design, and it would not look out of place with food bedside the lavatory. Plus, they are extremely easy to clean, even if it is a white bathroom. So, give yourself a favor and install one of these in your master bathroom ideas. 2. Rounded Rectangle Vanity Mirrors The rounded rectangle will take over master bathroom ideas this year and we are feeling it. Though the huge circular mirror never goes out of style, it’s time to upgrade your bathroom and give way to this simple yet dreamy mirror master bathroom design. It is a perfect combination of a strong yet luxurious feel. On top of that, it is compact and it sits well in any part of your master bathroom. It has its source in art deco influences, especially if it has an all white bezel or frame. And, if you are … Read more

15 Mens Bedroom Ideas

Men deserve pretty things, too! Some of them may seem like they couldn’t care less about decor or interior design, but they will surely appreciate a well thought out design, a design that is not only visually appealing, but also takes into account their personal style and interests. We’ve collected 15 men’s bedroom ideas and decorating ideas that any man will love. 1. Different Shades of Grey Grey is a gorgeous, sophisticated gender-neutral color. It’s cool to the eye and relaxing, perfect shade for a room that should be all about respite and slumber. But a grey motif for a woman’s bedroom will look very different from a grey motif for men’s bedroom. For men’s bedroom It will look cool, industrial looking , and extremely masculine. Make sure to choose bedroom furniture in similar shades or as close to each other as possible for a bedroom style that’s cohesive, sophisticated, and something any guy will be proud to show off. Some silver, white, and black accessories will make for great additions in this modern bedroom look.   2. Toys for the Big Boys Some men never outgrow their boyhood heroes and instead grow up to be serious collectors of toys and action figures. They invest a lot of time and money for their hobby and collections. It’s only fitting that it gets a special place in their bedroom. One of the most popular bedroom ideas for men is to turn a section to a shrine to their beloved collectible toys. Think glass cases, stands, and special lighting to better show off their collection. Far from being juvenile and tacky, when the interior design is done right, it’s going to look impressive, elegant, and museum worthy. It’s the perfect bachelor’s pad bedroom.   3. Wooden Accents Wood, specifically wooden bedroom fixtures such … Read more